Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Boxerbears Vol18 - The Cassette Mix

I know CD's sound better and you dont end up having to rewind stuff to random points but i kinda miss the era of the cassette, in fact i only have a single tape deck that works in the whole house, but i refuse to throw my hundreds of tapes out!

Anyway number 18 in the BB mixes If i had to choose favourites on this mix and its hard cos i love em all as if they were my own i think it would be the brilliant Cold Water Flat choone, the NWOTNW favs These Animal Men and one of the songs that bounces around my top20 tunes ever On the Edge by That Uncertain Feeling, a song which sound so brilliant on headphones in the evening its untrue.
I have seen 8 of these bands live and Julia has seen one additional one that i havent seen which i am not happy about (Orbital)! On a final note does anyone have a copy of a Bivouac album i have 2 cds and one 7" but have never come across an album of any kind?? See ya soon!

1. Cold Water Flat - Magnetic North Pole
2. Catherine Wheel - Balloon
3. Weezer - My name is Jonas
4. The Primitives - Crash
5. The Telescopes - Flying
6. That Uncertain Feeling - On the Edge
7. Stereolab - Wow and Flutter
8. Bleach - Trip and Slide
9. These Animal Men - Speed king
10. Sugarcubes - Hit
11. Superchunk - The Question is How Fast
12. Bivouac - And the she ate
13. Black Grape - A Big Day in the North
14. Slow Bongo Floyd - Open up your Heart
15. Orbital - Halcyon live Glastonbury

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Boxerbears Vol 17 - Shoebox Mix

Boxerbears Vol 17 - The Shoebox Mix

So what was in the box i hear you cry, well a completely random selection of the CD's that were packed away from my bedroom in order to make my pop a study so its a mixture of songs from the 90's with a bonus track15 from Norwich's first punk band The Toads. Notable includee's are a poignant song from Earl Brutus whose lead singer Nick Sanderson recently passed away. A mix of styles from the dancy - Clail and Sunscreem to the heavy - CNN and Headswim. The thing is with these compilations is that I rarely theme them but the common thread is I love the songs so they may be well known singles or album tracks or obscurities it doesn't really matter as long as I would play them in the car and not skip them they are eligible! Hope you enjoy

1. Young Offenders - Thats Why We lose Control
2. Orange Deluxe - The Stripper
3. Mega City Four - Shivering Sand
4. Annie Christian - Someday my Prince will Come
5. Darling Heart - Wish you were here
6. Wireless - I Need You
7. CNN - Looking Forward
8. Earl Brutus - Lifes To Long
9. Gary Clail - These Things are worth Fighting For
10. Sunscreem - White Skies
11. The Hinnies - Jesus in the Driving Rain
12. Headswim - Soup
13. Echobelly - Give Her a Gun
14. The God Machine - Desert Song
15. The Toads - In the Subway

Monday, 11 August 2008

New Cd's!!!

I have been delivered a shoe box full of random cds taken from my mums loft so i will have a load of new 90's indie singles coming shortly to my compilations! Grrrrrreat