Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Boxerbears Vol16 - By the Sea Mix

Its at times like this when its nice to be beside the sea where you live. Hence my inactivity or wanting to be holed up in a boxroom making compilations. Anyway here is a very delayed volume16 to the collection and due to the sun comes with no notes! Enjoy

1) Neds Atomic Dustbin - Happy
2) Carnival Art - Warhead
3) The Dylans - Mary Quant in Blue
4) Pele - Fair Wind Blows for France
5) Sensitize - Falling Through
6) The Charlatans - Patrol (Dust brothers mix)
7) Fat Lady Sings - Drunkern logic
8) Swervedriver - Volcano Trash (Peel Session)
9) Kingmaker - Freewheeling
10) World Party - Is it like today?
11) REM - South Central Rain
12) Soho - Hippychick
13) Flowered Up - Take it (Pure and Sexy Remix)
14) The Wonderstuff - Caught in my Shadow (Bare Mix)
15) Naughty by Nature - OPP

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Boxerbears Vol15 (The Waitress Service Mix)

The Waitress Service Mix

I shall make the notes brief for this weeks compilation as I am still suffering from the weekends festival frivolities and having to work all this week after it!! Anyway this one is a tribute to Moz and the acts that played on a brilliant days music at the Hyde park Wireless festival on Friday a festival which even had waitress service in the picnic areas! That is what I call luxury!

1)One Dove - White Love (Dot Allisons former band, they only made one album but what a corker. Dot has released some brilliant solo albums the pick of which imo being Heartwarm check it out. This was a single released in 1992)
2)Ultramarine - Kingdom (Featuring vocals from Robert Wyatt, this 1993 track is a truly great chilled out single and really should have propelled Ultramarine onto great things, It didn't but enjoy this anyway!)
3) Morrissey - Last of the famous international playboys (The opening song in Fridays headlining set and what a song to open with! Reached number 6 in the charts back in 89 and came from the Bona Drag album)
4) The Rockingbirds - Gradually learning (Probably the first sign that I was to enjoy the whole folk/Americana thing later in life, the Rockingbirds first came onto my Radar on the Heavenly Right Said Fred Covers EP covering Deeply Dippy! I then bought some other stuff by them including this single. No idea what happened to them! Answers on a postcard to BB towers!)
5) Cracker - Low (They were American and they recently released a best of that was all mad up of re-recorded versions of their singles as they didn't have the rights to the old versions. That's all I know bar this being a great song!)
6) The Fall - Cruisers Creek (I have a strange fascination with the Fall although I don't play them hugely regularly I still need to buy and hear the new albums and collect the back catalogue...Weird I know)
7) The Pixies - Alec Eiffel (I like the Pixies but don't have the love that some do for them. I even could put forward an argument that I prefer Frank Blacks Solo material. This is a fantastic track though a single in 91 and coming from the Trompe Le Monde album)
8) Top - Buzzin (Fine Scouse hook laden three minute pop song, who would have thought it!)
9) Hole - Malibu (The best track released by Hole by a country mile. I love this track and it flits around my top50/20 song lists regularly. A superb song for the car on a sunny day.)
10) Shed 7 - Mark (The Sheds are at V and I am at V. We shall meet again)
11) Lemonheads - Rudderless (Recently bought the remastered and expanded edition of Its a Shame about Ray. Great great album, but rubbish bonus material which sound like they were recorded on a walkman in a garage 20 years ago, which is pretty much what happened!)
12) Faith No More - Midlife Crisis (Faith No more were imo very underrated in their music and influence and Angel Dust is a great alt rock album. This was the lead single from that album in 1991)
13) Buffalo Tom - Birdbrain live (from the Twihlights Fade EP this was the first BT song I heard on MTV's 120 mins show, Still stand up 20 years later)
14) MC Tunes vs 808 State - Tune Splits the Atom (Two great acts combining to great effect, Sounds brilliant on crackling vinyl up loud. From MC Tunes - North at its Heights album)
15) A-Ha - Sun always shines on TV (Its back! Saw this on VH1 the other day and had to include it! May well by the best of AHA as a result)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Slack Time!

Yes i know i have been slack and i will sort some mixes out very shortly but i have an excellent excuse having been at the Wireless festival and the Hop Farm festivals over the last week more of which another time.