Friday, 13 February 2009

Boxerbears Vol22

Boxerbears Vol22 - The Urban Decay Mix

I'm back although I have said that before, crazy busy and a very poor start to 2009 have hindered my time and enthusiasm so I am trying to get back on the horse as it were with Vol22 (That's 330 songs so far fact fans) I now have my mp3 turntable and so have lots of stuff to convert when I get it to work properly!. On this edition there is a nice mix of shiny pop gems like the criminally ignored Midget and Montrose Avenue to the darker side of things with The Mission and Catherine Wheel. The Inspirals track is slightly out of kilter due to the fact it was only released about 3 years ago but it doesn't sound out of place and that's a good thing. Guilty pleasure this mix is the uber permed 80's cardigan adoring Glenn Mederios, and don't pretend not to sing along!

PS I have located the demo cassette of the post Spinning Jennys band Massey if anyone would like to rip it for me, its a great little batch of tunes. The latest incarnation of the Jennys called The Foster Kids has just released an album which is also a fantastic batch of country tinged pop songs and is available from itunes and Check it out

1) Midget - Camouflage
2) The Montrose Avenue - Shine
3) The Alarm - Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke
4) The Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket Hangs
5) Suede - My Insatiable One
6) Revenge - The Trouble with Girls
7) Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me
8) House of Love - You Dont Understand
9) The Mission - Wasteland
10) The Darling Buds - Hit the Ground
11) Catherine Wheel - Crank
12) Salad - Drink the Elixir
13) Ride - Paralysed
14) Inspiral Carpets - Come Back Tomorrow
15) Glenn Mederios - Nothings Gonna Change my Love for You