Tuesday, 9 September 2008

RareOnes Vol3 - The Nivens - Sex, Lies & Gaffatape

The Nivens - Sex, Lies & Gaffatape - 1992

1.House Come Tumbling Down 2.Alright Now 3.Heart & Love 4.Mask 5. I Thought Love 6.Play Blue (remix) 7.Love Don't Live Here Anymore 8.Never Turn Away 9.Want it Now 10.B With U 11.Not Good Enuf 4 U

Another Norfolk based band from the early ninties and one that had a small and dedicated local following but very little national profile but were strangely very very popular on the continent. This is a lovely little jangle pop album that i have enjoyed re-visiting lately. There is a nice entry on thier website that explains it better than I can......

"There is a sense of freedom in the vastness of the fields of East Anglia and in the gentle cultured burbling of the city of Norwich that seems to inspire people to pick up guitars and do it right......THE NIVENS were inspired thus. The coming together in the mid '80's would allow them to hone their own brand of jangle-psychedelia over the next few years to the point where a more-or-less chance meeting with French indy label Danceteria lead to their first serious single and album releases in 1989 - "Shake it from the Top" and "Shake" the album peaking at No. 9 in France - and also achieving a playlist on Radio One, and getting into the top 3 in the French "Best" magazine readers poll(the French equivalent of the Melody Maker UK poll). Seven singles, two albums, a mini album, a double album singles/unreleased tracks compilation, A harder musical edge fusing acid grooves to the REM / Byrds / Smiths sensibilities. - And a standing joke that with some 25 former Nivens out there ( including several luminaries from past Norwich bands of legendary standing like the Farmer's Boys ) it is only a matter of time before the band do a gig where the guest list exceeds the venue's capacity! a splendid time is guaranteed for all..."

PS - Track one is a corker

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rare Ones No2 Mega City Four - Inspiringly Titled The Live Album

Mega City Four - Inspiringly Titled the Live Album (UK Big Life) 1992

Released just 5 months after and including 5 songs from the Sebastopol Rd album the only official live album the band released and apparently recorded straight of the soundboard (Live in the mix if you like) I like this album as it not only contains some great songs but is also quality wise what you always hoped those coloured live bootleg cassettes bought from the market would be like but never were. MC4 amazingly have never had a best of or a retrospective CD brought out which is criminal really as they easily have a double album's worth of fine material. I liked this so much I actually have it on tape and CD!

Tracks -
1.Who Cares 2.Finish 3.Thanx 4.Shivering Sand 5.Props 6.Messenger 7.Stop 8.Revolution 9.Words That Say 10.Callous 11.Lipscar 12.Peripheral 13.Clown 14.Open 15.What You've Got 16.Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Boxerbears Vol 19 - The Sibierski Mix

Boxerbears Vol19 - The Sibierski Mix

A mix dedicated to the most important deadline day signing. No not Berbatov, not Pavlyuchenko, Robiniwho? i say, no its the ageing bald veteran striker Antoine Sibierski who will propel Norwich back to the Premiership!!

Anyway music! As we move towards a landmark BB20 mix i have the usual mixture of known unknown excellent tracks. From the power of the Fatima Mansions and At the Drive in to the delicacy of Frente (See i told you i would include it Mr Veggie) to the jangle of Thousand Yard Stare and the artistry of Shack. Finished off with a disco based Track15 topping from Mr Vannessa Phelps himself Phats and Small! PS - The Thousand Yard Stare track sound remarkably like a song my college band wrote called Where are you now a couple of years earlier, which can only be a good thing in my biased mind.

Have fun kids be careful out there!

1. Shack - Oscar
2. Thousand Yard Stare - Version of Me
3. The Family Cat - Springing the Atom
4 The Belltower - Underwatertown
5. Frente - Accidentely Kelly Street
6. One Dove - Breakdown
7. The Wedding Present - Its a Gas
8. Fatima Mansions - Evil Man
9. At the Drive In - One Armed Scissor
10. Kingmaker - Freewheeling
11. Edwyn Collins - If you could love me
12. Blab Happy - Never No More
13. Adorable - Kangaroo Court
14. The Vaselines - Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
15. Phats and Small - Feel Good


Monday, 1 September 2008

Rare Ones No1 - If? 'English Boys on the Love Ranch'

If? - English Boys on the Love Ranch (1992)

Not as camp an album as the title may suggest. One that people have asked me about and i have finally found in a box. An excellent electro/dance/ alternative album from the early ninties London Club Scene.

If? were a 3 peice from London and were briefly in a mini scene (Thanks NME) with the likes of Slipstream and Natural Life. It was released in 1992 on MCA and following 3 singles and this album disappeared. Wiki said they were Sean McLusky and Robert Marche along with Paul Wellssome were previously in JoBoxers and called and as the name is nigh on impossible to google i have no idea what happenned to them! Enjoy

Track List -

1. Open Up Your Head 2. Everything & More 3. If... 4. It's Easy 5. Persuasion 6. Everything's a Groove 7. Ride with You 8. Pony Girl 9. On a Day Like This 10.Saturday's Angels


New Set of Postings Coming Soon

I will be featuring shortly a new set of postings "Rareones" which i will post whole albums that i have that as far as i am aware are either... no longer available/hard to get/or not having been posted on this network of sites (that i have seen anyway!) . I will still be running the mixes, but as i have had some requests and have received another big plastic box of old Cd's from my parents! I thought i would give it a go! Again if any of the artist have any issues with the material being posted let me know and i will take it down straight away and apologise profusely...

Let me know what you think......

PS - Further to my previous post if anyone has the facility to turn cassettes into MP3's let me know as i have a load of interesting stuff on tape i can send to you and you can keep if they can be converted and posted!