Thursday, 18 December 2008

BoxerBears - The Laideez Mix

BoxerBears - The Laideez Mix

A Christmas edition of the BB series. Sorry about the delay its been a hectic couple of months but hopefully I can start more regular posts. This comp came about as I was getting tracks ready and seemed to have a whole load of female (or female fronted) acts. A really nice mixture of the rocking, the weird and the beautiful on this mix. My standout tracks, Mmmm its hard but my current favs from this batch are Throwing Muses brilliant Firepile, the wonderful Dreamtime and the ever bizarre and fantastic garage rock from Shonen Knife.

1. The Heart Throbs - Dreamtime
2. Cranes - Shining Road
3. Stereolab - Super-Electric
4. Throwing Muses - Firepile
5. Th' Faith Healers - Reptile Smile
6. Sleeper - Romeo Me
7. Dubstar - Anywhere
8. Juliana Hatfield - I See You
9. PJ Harvey - Sheela - Na - Gig
10. Shonen Knife - Get the Wow
11. Moonshake - Second-hand Clothes
12. Sugarcubes - Birthday
13. Daisy Chainsaw - I Feel Insane
14. Curve - Ten Little Girls (Peel)
15. Pat Benatar - Hit me with your best shot

If I don't post again before Christmas I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, have a great one and may Santa bring you all the coloured vinyl and battered CD's you wish for!

BB Jim

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Lisa said...

Hi! I saw somewhere else that you have some kinky machine stuff, would you be so kind as to send me a link to the album - its for a friend who really wants it. I would be so grateful! e mail me at thank you... Lisa x (ps your compilations are great)