Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rare Ones No2 Mega City Four - Inspiringly Titled The Live Album

Mega City Four - Inspiringly Titled the Live Album (UK Big Life) 1992

Released just 5 months after and including 5 songs from the Sebastopol Rd album the only official live album the band released and apparently recorded straight of the soundboard (Live in the mix if you like) I like this album as it not only contains some great songs but is also quality wise what you always hoped those coloured live bootleg cassettes bought from the market would be like but never were. MC4 amazingly have never had a best of or a retrospective CD brought out which is criminal really as they easily have a double album's worth of fine material. I liked this so much I actually have it on tape and CD!

Tracks -
1.Who Cares 2.Finish 3.Thanx 4.Shivering Sand 5.Props 6.Messenger 7.Stop 8.Revolution 9.Words That Say 10.Callous 11.Lipscar 12.Peripheral 13.Clown 14.Open 15.What You've Got 16.Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely


sweet said...

MC4 had a singles retrospective on Decoy just before releasing Sebastopol Road, called "Terribly Sorry Bob". Everything from the first era.

It's around if you search for it, but is very expensive. There may be a blog with it on somewhere.

Good luck, keep up the good work.

petecole said...

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Pete x