Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Boxerbears Vol 19 - The Sibierski Mix

Boxerbears Vol19 - The Sibierski Mix

A mix dedicated to the most important deadline day signing. No not Berbatov, not Pavlyuchenko, Robiniwho? i say, no its the ageing bald veteran striker Antoine Sibierski who will propel Norwich back to the Premiership!!

Anyway music! As we move towards a landmark BB20 mix i have the usual mixture of known unknown excellent tracks. From the power of the Fatima Mansions and At the Drive in to the delicacy of Frente (See i told you i would include it Mr Veggie) to the jangle of Thousand Yard Stare and the artistry of Shack. Finished off with a disco based Track15 topping from Mr Vannessa Phelps himself Phats and Small! PS - The Thousand Yard Stare track sound remarkably like a song my college band wrote called Where are you now a couple of years earlier, which can only be a good thing in my biased mind.

Have fun kids be careful out there!

1. Shack - Oscar
2. Thousand Yard Stare - Version of Me
3. The Family Cat - Springing the Atom
4 The Belltower - Underwatertown
5. Frente - Accidentely Kelly Street
6. One Dove - Breakdown
7. The Wedding Present - Its a Gas
8. Fatima Mansions - Evil Man
9. At the Drive In - One Armed Scissor
10. Kingmaker - Freewheeling
11. Edwyn Collins - If you could love me
12. Blab Happy - Never No More
13. Adorable - Kangaroo Court
14. The Vaselines - Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
15. Phats and Small - Feel Good


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Darren said...

That Edwyn Collins track is just lovely. Another cracker from Gorgeous George is 'It's Right In Front Of You'.