Friday, 10 October 2008

Boxerbears Vol20 - The Scutaro Mix

BB Vol20 - The Scutaro Mix

As a tribute to the brilliantly named Toronto Blue Jays player we watched whilst in Canada, it really is one of the best names ever.

Anyway to the music, a real rag bag of the poppy the heavy the funky and kitsch. Kicking off with the Nivens and for those of you who have downloaded the recent Nivens album posting you will be able to sing along to this already! Back to the Planet are a band for about 6 months i listened to constantly and although this rip is not the greatest you get the idea. A second Norfolk band with a track from Noisebox EP2 from the powerhouse of Republic, The best Bivouac track imo and a woonderful ditty by the scottish indie pop legends BMX Bandits. Please let me know what you think good or bad and im off to rip some more gems! Laters

PS If anyone has a copy of either Juliana Hatfields - Everybody Loves me But You or The Family Cat - River of Dreams (The single version not the muddier album version) please please please post it as i love those two tunes and i cant find my copies for love nor money. Ta

1 The Nivens - House Come Tumbling Down
2 Poppy factory - Stars
3 Back to the Planet - Teenage Turtles
4 Midget - Optimism
5 Kinky Machine - Swivelhead
6 Republic - Powerdrill
7 These Animal Men - This is the Sound of Youth
8 Terrorvision - My House
9 Honeycrack - Go Away
10 Bivouac - Money Sanctury (Cynic)
11 Transvision Vamp - Tell that girl to shut up
12 Rootjoose - Mr fixit
13 The Dharmas - Three Miles High
14 BMX Bandits - Serious Drugs
15 ABC - When Smokey Sings

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ricky said...

Hey Jimbop,

I have that single "River Of Diamonds" by The Family Cat.Send me email and i will give you link.