Wednesday, 15 October 2008

RareOnes Vol5 - Half Time Oranges - Rotterdamnation

Vol 5 - Half Time Oranges - Rotterdamnation (1996 Rutland Records)
Rotterdamnation was the second Half Time Oranges album (Clive Baker Set Fire to Me was the first album on Rutland Records) this was released in 1996, they were based around East Anglia. I have a vague recollection of camping on a freind of a freinds floor around 96 one drunken New Years Eve in Norwich and the guitarist from the band was one of the flatmates, Claim to fame or what!
I beleive there were shared members with the equally football obsessed Des Lynam Allstars who were also based around Norwich. I would love to get hold of some of the other Rutland records releases but they are impossible to get hold of. In fact the much revered (on these blogs) Spinning Jennys had a track on a Rutland compilation album called Shiver me Timbers, which i have never managed to track down. Anyway hope you enjoy this jangletastic album.
PS I could find a picture of the band anywhere so here is the inspiration for track3!

1)Any team will do
2)Terrace Girl
3)Vinnie Jones
4)Six Point Christmas
6)Zig Zag to the Onion Bag
7)A Gospel Song
8)Second City Blues
9)Billy Danes grown up
10)The Girl from 4B
11)Theme From Orange
12)Yesterdays Hero
15)Moving the Goalposts


nerdygirl said...

great post.. pls post some more music like in this kind of vein..

Darren said...

you're a star, sir.

just today 'panini' kicked in on my ipod shuffle whilst I was walking down the street.

great stuff.

leonidas said...

where is the password??

L said...

Any chance of reposting this?
Have you tried:
Rutland Records
PO Box 132 / Leicester / LE2 3ZF / UK