Friday, 24 October 2008

BoxerBears Vol21 - The Leeds Memory mix

Boxerbears Vol21 - The Leeds Memory Mix
21 now that conjures memories, 10 years ago i spent mine very very drunk on a revolving dancefloor in one of Leeds most cheesy venues (Which is now not unsurprisingly i am told some kind of a lap dancing/ Hawaian club!) Planet Earth. There is no direct correlation between that night and this mix as I am confident they didn't play Blessed Ethel in there! I think it was more KC and the Sunshine Band and the Spice Girls.... Anyway back to the mix, I have tried to add acts I haven't included before such as Big Boy Tomato, The Nubiles and Vent 414 and a great Smaller track (He's Digsy dont you know) alongside a couple of favs like NMA and Cud (Leeds link!) all topped off with a hair metal classic as your Track 15 curveball!

1) The Nubiles - Without Walking
2) Joyrider - Special One
3) Speedy - Boy Wonder
4) Smaller - Is?
5) Blessed Ethel - Fat Star
6) Candyskins - Feed It
7) Inaura - Coma Aroma
8) Vent 414 - Lie Before You
9) Big Boy Tomato - Anything
10) Delicatessen - CF Kane
11) Hurricane #1 - Chain Reaction
12) New Model Army - Get Me Out
13) CUD - One Giant Love
14) Out of my Hair - In the Groove Again
15) Poison - Aint Nothin but a Good Time


A Will This Do Publication said...

Blimey, Vent 414...Top tune that one...

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NorthernSoul said...

That would be the News nightclub, as it was called then.
Spent many a drunken time in there causing havoc...